What Happens When a Cop Shoots Our Bulletproof Backpack Insert?

“Safety First is Safety Always.”

-Charles M Hayes

Safety first.

Words we live by when it comes to our loved ones. And with school starting across the nation, safety is on the minds of many parents with school-age children. Recently, more parents have looked to bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof inserts for that extra peace of mind.

The question that follows:

How effective are bullet proof inserts?

We stand by our bulletproof backpack inserts, which have passed field tests to meet NIJ standards for Level IIIA body armor. This means that our ballistic panels are proven to reduce the impact from 9-millimeter FMJ rounds, .44 Magnum bullets, and .357 SIG ammunition. With a level IIIA rating, the multiple layers of ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene fibers can even handle 12-gauge shotgun slugs.

“You only know how good it is after you’ve needed it; we hope you never need it.”

For many, an assurance of quality from a manufacturer is — understandably — not enough. So we asked Jonathan Carver, police officer and U.S. Army combat veteran, to put our SentryShield® inserts to the test.

Carver also instructs civilians how to survive active shooter encounters at his Charlie Foxtrot Shooting Complex. In the video, Carver talks briefly on the difference between bulletproof inserts and the tactical body armor plates used by police and military. Then, he fires several shots at close range, at a backpack protected by a SentryShield insert.

Cop vs SentryShield Bulletproof Backpack Insert: Who Wins?

Short answer: Everyone.
As the video shows, our bulletproof backpack inserts successfully reduced the impact of multiple ballistic rounds, including that from a 9mm handgun. This makes the SentryShield® bullet proof backpack inserts one of the best methods for keeping kids safe in today’s world.

“Although we do everything in our power to prevent these horrible situations from occurring, we must know what to do if an active shooter situation was to occur.”

-Jonathan Carver, U.S. Army veteran and police officer

SentryShield anti-ballistic inserts offer comfortable, concealable body armor protection without compromise. They are the closest thing we can get to bulletproof clothing, lightweight enough to be carried by elementary-age kids. Unlike body armor, the inserts are travel friendly. Frequent flyers can easily pass through security without setting off metal detectors.

Protect what matters most. Grab your bulletproof backpack insert today.

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